16 Academy Take-A-Ways *

Las Vegas, NV
December 9th – 10th, 2019

1. How to talk about reducing taxes in order to create clients
2. Hardwired tax reduction plans prepared by experts
3. Three ways to take over existing retirement plans that produce assets under management and insurance sales
4. Which is better – term or permanent life insurance
5. A retirement plan that provides more retirement income than defined benefit plans and it’s tax-free
6. A retirement plan that provides health benefits that are tax-deductible and tax free
7. A lead system that not only tells you who has retirement plans but, how much is in them, what the current yield is, how much they’re paying in fees, whether or not the yield and fees are inline with their industry and geographic area
8. Marketing with customized short video vignettes
9. Digital content marketing done for you, pre-populated
10. A computer systems that tells you which assets to access in what amount and at what time in order to maximize your income, your legacy for your children, and/or charity
11. Exit strategies from qualified plans that reduce income taxes, estate tax,
12. A defined benefit retirement plan that creates guaranteed income
13. How to get doctors, dentists, and A clients;
14. Strategic partnerships with CPA firms and Property and Casualty Agencies
15. Five ways to convert IRAs, Profit Sharing 401(k) and Defined Benefit Plans to Roth IRAs
16. Plans to stay away from
17. Expert resources to help educate you on sophisticated strategies, orchestrate engagements and close business
18. SCI education and presentation

* Take-A-Ways may change without notice, but, there will be a minimum of 16 Take-A-Ways

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